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for the daily caller web site. and from fort worth, texas, janine turner. she hasn't been invited. does that surprise you? >> i think it's a little early yet. >> bill: jeanine, no spin zone. not early. every room in tampa, florida is taken. so now if sarah palin were invited, she'd have to sleep in a tent. every room. >> no, no. i think she has -- i'm not saying it's too early. i don't think they've invited a lot of people yet. i believe that palin needs to get behind romney and i believe romney needs to recognize palin's virtues and how she can be an asset and -- >> bill: you want detante? >> i want them to come together. >> bill: in a couple -- kumbaya moment. >> when i make a movie, i like the actors to be inspired and talented and bright and sometimes better than me because it inspires me and makes a better movie. in this movie, we want the ending to be that barak obama is defeated. >> bill: if you were making a movie with bill maher, i don't know if that would be possible and that's the problem here. michelle, that there is bad blood may be overstating it. maybe overstating it beca
that from going forward. round one went against the cyclist. a texas judge, wiehl, ruled against armstrong how. >> the texas judge said look, you didn't follow the rules to armstrong's lawyers. you filed 80-page complaint much the federal rules of civil procedure are very specific. you have to be pithy, bill. get right to it what's the complaint and what's the jurisdiction. be brief in the brief and they weren't. >> bill: armstrong's lawyers said they don't have jurisdiction in texas? is that what it was? anti-doping agency? >> anti-doping agency doesn't have any kind of jurisdiction over lance armstrong at all. >> bill: anywhere. >> anywhere. he is retired. >> bill: this doping agency is a federal agency. >> quasifederal agency. >> bill: i don't know what it means. >> 5013 crmpleted company getting money from the federal government. 60% of what they do -- recognized by congress in 2000. >> bill: their mandate is what? >> basically prevent abuses within the sports world whether someone using human growth hormone, steroids, bloods recycler? >> bill: allegations against armstrong that he use
're of the big new best seller coward he joins us now from dallas, texas. restoring love? i thought that was a rock group at first. no they said it's a beck thing. sounds kind of like a hippy deal. far out. >> hippy deal? >> show the love. >> if i can bring the hippies in and slowly bend them our way, listen hippy, come, come. here is the deal, bill. restoring love is first of all 35,000 volunteers on the street on friday. 35,000. we don't think it's ever been done before. we have already a million meals raised for the homeless all across the country. if we believe in small government then we have to roll up our sleeves and do the work. it starts tomorrow night at the american airlines center here in dallas, texas with free pack. this is like cpac if you will except this is small government people. 10,000 people are already scheduled to be there. tickets are still available. then the service event, all day 35,000 people serving doing amazing things on the street. dallas cowboys stadium on saturday night where we're going to restore the culture if you will, we have to take our rightf
and in the states where jessica's law has been passed like florida and texas, all right, sexual predation is down big time because these guys know they are going to get life in prison. the other states are waffling around. i don't understand it? >> if they're locked up, bill, they can't reoffend. obviously. >> bill: that's right. it's justice. you ruin a kid's life and that's what in this does. the kid may go on but, still, it's always there. now, with 200 -- more than 200 cases. >> right. >> bill: i mean, what's wrong with america? what is wrong with us? >> well, the problem is penn state is an example. you know, i understand jessica's law. i think that's great. but you have got with penn state, you have got institutional abuse. because essentially joe paterno put the reputation of the institution ahead. >> bill: that's personal cowardice. it's the same thing that happened in the church. they put -- paterno put his own reputation. he didn't want a scandal in his department. he didn't want that. that's why he didn't turn sandusky. in same thing with the three administrators at the school. >> what
. what about the children's right to be safe inside the classroom? joining me now from fort worth, texas is radio talk show host janine turner. from los angeles leslie marshall, she is a fox news contributor. okay, ladies. explain this one to me. because leslie, you know, at first blush this seems to be fairly incredibly outrageous with children and their lives at stake. their emotional well being at stake with a teacher who might be accused of in this case criminally indicted for some type of sexual misconduct. now t will be more difficult to suspend or remove the teacher for this type of what could be criminal misconduct. what happened? >> well, i live here in california as you know. although my kids are part of the l.a. unified school district, that's not our district where the allegation took place most recently. very heinous. as a mother it sickens he me. i'm a union gal. i also am a constitution and everyone has a right to due process innocent until proven guilty gal. i have to say where i stand differently between the union and between our politicians here in california is i would
to get texas won by 40,000 votes. >> right. >> bill: romney needs florida. if he loses florida and ohio is he done. rubio down there. >> i agree with that all of that makes sense on paper. but it has been a very long time since we can point to an election in which the vice presidential nominee has brought the state in question. >> bill: you don't think rubio could deliver florida. >> no, i think rubio were r. will win florida. i don't think it matters thatch anymore. >> cheney, was that a smart thing for him to say on. >> here is what i think about that. i think cheney in the sense he is right but i think what happened is that sarah palin actually helped mccain a lot as was suggested in the previous panel. she gave him a terrifically she helped mccain give him a great convention. huge hit at the convention. her speech was a big hit. she did well in the debate against biden. she kind of held her own. now later in the campaign the press got on her. she got character assassin natalled and people ended up at the end of the campaign not thinking very well of her. there is no chance in my opi
, texas. currently charged with premeditated murder. his trial will begin next year. and january 8, 2011 gerald love lofner. now, we have 24-year-old james holmes from san diego who allegedly killed 12 people, wounding 59 others in a colorado movie theater. the crime took place in aurora a suburb of denver. a place where i lived for two years. aurora is a middle class neighborhood, just regular folks. colorado authorities are holding holmes and there is no questie
it turns out that's not a legit charge for this in texas. they charge her withstanding in a public road when there is a private sidewalk right nearby. >> bill: i think that might be a misdemeanor. >> totally trumped up charge. good. >> bill: is this the houston ph.d. >> good police officer down in houston come on you know what you did. drop the charges against this lady. >> bill: fort law enforcement point of view, they don't want the citizens to be interfering with their speed traps. >> but it's legal. that is legal. that's why they had to charge her with this other nonsense. >> bill: you could stand in the street if you want. >> to private sidewalk nearby you are supposed it to stand on that. >> bill: is that jail time. >> probably spend more time in the jail. >> bill: while we're talking about jail time zimmerman in the travon martin case got bail how much. >> million dollars bail. the court says he is going to make it. he will be out until trial. >> bill: megyn worked yesterday on the fourth of july which is stunning to us all. she did so for a specific reason, tell us. >> i wanted
happens in the media, period. scott from texas. i would like to see legislation passed th suspects in the killing of the border patrol officer. >> these are taking place when there is still disagreement about capitol hill. they are charging five people in connection with the border patrol agent. a reward up to $1 million leading to the arrest of four other suspects who remrain main at large. weapons from the botched fast and furious program are found at the murder scene of brian terry. the justice department is still concerned about the documents that they still want. in a statement however attorney general eric holder said the announcement reflects the department's unrelenting commitment to finding the other individuals responsible for terry's death calling it a horrific tragedy. he served his country honorably and made the ultimate sacce
of arizona, california, new mexico, and texas, the border states, that if you sell an a.k. two or more semiautomatic rifles, all right? or a detachable magazine with a caliber greater than 22, you have to report it to the federal government. so they kw who is buying it. that's what i said earlier this week. i said that gun dealers who are dealing in this kind of armament, all right, should report to the fbi who is buying. so that they can cross-reference. let me give you the more stark example. say this shooter in colorado, who is now, they are saying, we are reporting, fox is reporting sent a letter to a psychiatrist that he was gonna do heavy dang to people, all right? this is what fox news is reporting. if that psychiatrist had reported him as the psychiatrist should have, if it's true, to the authorities, and then he bought weaponry, the fbi could have cross-referenceed and seen that. >> the fbi has plenty on its plate. the fact is the psychiatrist and the psychologists in this country are not meeting any obligation of duty to society when they refuse to report people who are deepl
in the media, period. scott from texas. i would like to see legislation passed that
now from los angeles fox news contributor leslie marshall. and from fort worth, texas, radio talk show star janine turner. we will get to the obama ad in a moment. first, ladies, your response to romney's remarks on the olympics and some of the blow-up, leslie, you can take it away. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, if you come into my house and you say i really hate the way you decorated this place, my first remarks are going to be you know get out and i'm not inviting you back and did i ask you? here is the thing if you are running for president of the united states which mitt romney is, you need to be plight when you are a guest in someone else's home or in this case city and country. if he is successful in becoming president, he is going to have to work with the united kingdom as our allies in a global economy. in fighting terrorist internationally. this was a dumb move. this was a smart man and this is a very stupid move. open mouth, insert foot. nobody asked him in the u.k. mr. romney, when you were doing things in salt lake city, with the olympics and security details, you know, w
the way through. >> for one thing even the texas republicans didn't want it. >> bill: you could have done it by executive order who cares what they wanted. >> i don't know if i could have or not. people weren't upset about it then. people were moving back and forth the rio grande. >> bill: i was upset. >> i know you were. it's a mistake. build a whole fence. >> bill: i think the whole government has lead us down since 1984 in the sense they didn't secure the southern border and they could have and they didn't. you and push the elder did humanitarian work and you and president bush the young err rallied people to give millions of dollars after the haitian earthquake. i said on the air that you guys did a noble thing. but i didn't believe that that money was going to be used for anything other than day-to-day services but nothing was going to improve in haiti. what i said was correct. if you go there now, it's just as bad now as it was before the earthquake. >> i have seen a change this last time that i was there. and i have been working there. i go there every month you know. >> bill: i kn
but the outsourcing controversy is really over the top. >> from contract. >> jeff robinson from texas. carol from springfield, illinois.
, could not control child predators. once they passed jessica's law. that stopped. and it stopped in texas and 40 other states. but you still have faith or trust in a system. >> i have to. >> bill: no, you don't. >> i have to because every control -- every freedom has some toll associated with it it's like this discussion with the movie slaughter. gun rights don't have to do with this. we accept that freedoms involve peril. similarly to give a judge discretion is a wonderful thing. >> bill: it's not a wonderful thing in some areas. >> christian roots that we forget king solomon? >> bill: i'm sorry. >> take that away from judges. >> bill: some crimes are so heinous that they have to be punished at a level that's consistent across the board. that's jessica's law. you punish at a level consistent. >> it won't be consistent because the crimes aren't consistent. >> bill: child rape is child rape. >> no it isn't. >> child rape by someone who was raped him or herself and horribly traumatized. >> bill: does that the give you license to do it to someone else. >> did it to one child and not 10 child
texas. carol from springfield, illinois. >> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is wednesday july the 18th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> middle of the week. it is now 5:00. time for your 5 at 5:00. the top five stories making news at this hour. two missing cousins from iowa might have been abducted. fbi dogs detected the girl's scent. family members say they are fearing the worst. >>> my daughter swims. it's not a river. there's no current. i don't think they are in the lake. not at all. it is just like a dead end as far as we know so far. i wouldn't be able to function if i think about what could be going on or what happened. >>> 8-year-old elizabeth collins and 10-year-old lira cook were last seen leaving their grandmother's house on friday. >>> a pilot for sky west airlines scaling a barbed wire fence and boarding one of the company's planes as he tried to steal it. brian hedge land was on the run after being accused of killing his former girlfriend. at the plane's controls he clipped the stolen 50 feet passenger plane into the t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 79 (some duplicates have been removed)